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A school is always a "world in miniature" where one receives training of life, where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. It is here that we begin to learn our lesson of life to accept challenges, face competitions, defeat and failure and rejoice at victory and triumph. 
children regardless of their age, class race or background mostly are not like a notebook yet to be written upon, as is mistakenly believed. Each child has his own individuality and his special skills and talents. A good educational system helps a child to nurture his talents and overcome his short comings. Only by providing appropriate all encompassing education that until bad to the development of the all round personality of a child equipped to face the challenges of life in all his future endeavors, we will be able to raise ideal future citizens of our country and the world.
Education is a systematic  planned attempt to bring about appropriate development and changes in a child by inculcating approved behavior patterns like thirst for knowledge, acquirement of  multifaceted skills and values. While academic excellence   is our major thrust, we will provide a platform to the students to showcase their individual talents in all spheres of life.
Our approach will be child centered encouraging activity based learning inculcating a scientific tempers and spirit of free enquiry. We believe that the approach to motivating and getting the best out of the children is based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behaviors  with a philosophy which centers on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm fun and affection rather then  criticism, fear and punishment. Nevertheless nothing more than which can be achieved  without a sense of discipline and thus our students will be expected to confirm to high disciplinary standards and to cherish the values of tolerance, fairplay, compassion and independent thinking.
The parents can assuredly repose faith in the sincerity of purpose and dedication of the faculty I am confident that the students will find their educational experience in the school a fruitful and rewarding one. 

Sarita Yadav
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